2016 World T20 Watchalong Carlos Brathwaite, Ben

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"Carlos Brathwaite; remember the name!"

The man himself joined the latest Sky Cricket Watchalong on Sunday afternoon to relive the epic conclusion to the 2016 World T20 final, which saw him smash Ben Stokes for four-straight sixes to clinch victory for the West Indies.

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Stokes too recalled final-over heartbreak, while we also heard the thoughts of Windies skipper Daren Sammy, England assistant coach Paul Farbrace, Joe Root and Sky Sports' Nasser Hussain and David Lloyd.

Read on for the best of what the bunch had to say,中国围棋历次世冠盘点:柯洁百灵杯初露锋芒...

England set the West Indies 156 to win

England set the West Indies 156 to win, with Joe Root top-scoring in their innings of 155-9, with 54 from 36 balls. Root then takes two wickets in the second over - including the dangerous Chris Gayle - as West Indies limp to 11-3...

SAMMY still struggles to watch, even in sunny St Lucia...

"I'm watching it here on my balcony, and I'm still nervous. Even knowing everything that is going to happen, I'm still a little bit nervous - seeing us 11-3!

"Because of the lineup we had, we always thought one partnership would take us close. Marlon (Samuels) batting in that situation, he took his time to build an innings.

Joe Root celebrates after dismissing Johnson Charles and Chris Gayle in the second over

ROOT on that Gayle over...

"The way I looked at it was, no one is expecting you to get him [Gayle] out, no one is expecting you to take wickets. You're just trying to bowl a tight over, get in and out as quickly as you can - put a bit of pressure on at the start of the powerplay - and then I've done a really good job.

"When you pick up that first wicket you just think, 'if I can somehow sneak another one here', then you're living the dream.

"As you can see by my celebrations, I had no idea what to do. I had not prepared for taking wickets in a World Cup final - it was an amazing feeling!"

FARBRACE never felt confident...

"We were nearly going home! Halfway though the second game of the tournament against South Africa, we were chasing 230 to win!

"I remember Trevor Bayliss saying to everybody, 'calm down, we've got to win this, let's not be 10-3, let's take our time in this run-chase'.

"We were 44-0 off two overs! Rooty got a brilliant 80 to get us home.

"It was a really strange tournament for us; we were at the start of this white-ball group really developing and playing good cricket; we never really played well, and it wasn't until we got right to the end of this game that I genuinely felt we had a chance to win it - and I'm normally very optimistic!

"It was such a strange final that went one way and then the other. It was a tough game to watch at the time and it's going to be even tougher to watch it back now."

Darren Sammy is pictured with opposition skipper Eoin Morgan ahead of the final

SAMMY recalls his infamous critique of the West Indies Cricket Board after the game...

"It felt like it was us against the world. I have never seen such a focused West Indies team. The only way we could voice what he had to voice was to win.

"No regrets at all. It had to be done, the world had to know the challenges we went through.

"We have a new administration now. It started from back then. For too long, our cricket was being suffocated by that previous administration.

"We did all these things, in spite of what was going on."

ROOT was still wary of the West Indies threat...

"At the halfway stage, we probably thought we were just below par, but after the start we got with the ball, we felt very much in control of the game.

"But we watched the West Indies through the tournament, and you always felt they were never out of any game. Even the India [semi-final] game, they managed to win out of nowhere. We were always very wary of that on the field.

"They've got that one over in them that can really turn the game. I think it was Lendl Simmons who went beserk against India and flipped the game on its head. They just saved that one over against us to be the last one."

Samuels struck a crucial unbeaten 85 off 66 deliveries to help steer West Indies to victory

SAMMY on Stokes and Samuels' clash...

"Marlon told us, that when he came in, Root was bowling and Stokes said something like 'I'd like to see you get out of this one' to Marlon.

"I think that comment, that got him really focused. He was really pumped! And then,围甲热身赛首轮冷门迭爆 上届冠亚皆负升班马, if you notice, at the back-end, Marlon said something to him after."

Samuels is given out for 27, but then called back...

Samuels nicks a Liam Plunkett delivery behind to Jos Buttler with the first ball of the seventh over - it's given out but, after checking the replay, Samuels is called back with it decided the ball did not carry.

England celebrate after Ben Stokes takes a brilliant catch to dismiss Andre Russell

FARBRACE: "It was huge! We thought that was it, that we were home and hosed at that point. That's what I mean when I talk about the rollercoaster of a game.

"But I have to say, there was a monitor next to us in the dugout, and as soon as I saw it, my heart sunk. It was probably the right decision."

SAMMY: "I was thinking 'oh my goodness,每天盈球16日篮彩大势:残阵猛龙力拼独行侠, we are in trouble!' But, as Farbrace said, when we were watching the monitor on the sidelines, we were saying, 'that's not out!' It was the opposite reaction."

What was it like in the commentary box?

BUMBLE: "I remember the atmosphere. Absolutely electric! Fanatical support.

"With the West Indies, it's never over till its over, they are so dangerous! I kept looking at the runs required, off how many deliveries and I never felt comfortable - with Samuels there and some big lads to come in who can hit a long ball."

NASSER recalls Ian Bishop's prophetic comments...

"I actually did an event with Ian Bishop the night before. He was asked about Andre Russell, Chris Gayle,智运会上海代表团表扬大会 望沪棋牌活动更上层楼,非农前瞻:料开局良好,进一步削弱美联储降息预期, Darren Sammy and he said, 'don't forget one cricketer; watch out for Carlos Brathwaite'.

"That's an honest story; the night before he was bigging up Brathwaite. And I think that is what led to that 'remember the name' commentary line, because Bish knew about this lad."

Brathwaite comes to the crease at the 16th over...

The West Indies are 107-6 after David Willey dismisses big-hitters Andre Russell and Sammy in the space of three deliveries; 49 runs are needed off 27 balls...

England celebrate after Ben Stokes takes a brilliant catch to dismiss Andre Russell

STOKES felt victory was within reach,围棋史上的11月13日:柯洁进入中国体育价值榜前十...

"In a situation like this, you know you're probably only one wicket away. But Marlon was starting to hit the ball really well - he had coasted along the whole innings but then started to explode at this stage - and we knew what Carlos was capable of at the back-end of an innings.

"I think most of us were thinking that it was looking like we would be champions, but T20 cricket, against the West Indies, means there's also that tiny bit of doubt that it might not go your way."

SAMMY knew what Carlos was capable of...

"Talking about it still gives me the goosebumps. I think Chris Jordan bowled the second-to-last over and, with seven balls left, we needed 19 runs.

"Myself and Gayle were sitting close together and we said, 'this ball needs to go for a boundary'. Because normally in the nets, when we practise, we normally work on the equation of the final six balls, 15 runs needed. 19 was a bit of a stretch!

"We looked for Samuels to hit that final ball for a boundary and, when it didn't happen, Gayle turned round to me and said, 'that's going to be tough!'

"But when that first ball disappeared for six over deep-square-leg, that gave us the confidence.

"We all knew was Carlos was capable of doing and the stars aligned for him. To witness four consecutive sixes - man, every time I talk about it, it's a miracle!"

Brathwaite plays a typically aggressive shot during the final against England

BRATHWAITE: "I'll be honest, I was nervous. I won't even try to pretend I had it all planned.

"Marlon just said to me 'swing for the hills!' And my thoughts were, just get bat on ball. And if it goes in the air and you're caught, it at least gives Marlon the chance to cross and finish the game.

"For it to unfold the way it did, it was pleasing. Ben didn't execute, I capitalised and the rest is history."

STOKES: "People think I purposely bowled four balls in the slot! The reality is, every time I went back to my mark, I was trying to remember to bowl a yorker.

"I'd practised, practised, practised and I'd got confident with bowling them - I'd done well against Sri Lanka and New Zealand. I just didn't execute it.

ROOT still feels for his mate...

"It is quite a hard one to watch back. Mostly because of what happened to Ben at the end, I remember how much it hurt him. I don't want to see him go through it again. It's not nice to see one of your mates go through that."

BUMBLE recalls his role in the final over...

"I was lead commentator; Bish was summariser. You just have a feel for it, 'this is turning on its head' and so you say, 'over to you'.

"He [Bish] wouldn't have it at the beginning and so I ended up just putting the mic down - a case of 'you better carry on'."

West Indies need 19 from the final over...

Brathwaite hits the first of his sixes...

Stokes looks to the heavens after being hit for one of his final-over sixes

BRATHWAITE: "At this point, I was pretty level-headed and focused. Marlon was more animated and excited.

Second ball, second six; straight over mid-on...

STOKES: "Serious shot, that!"

BRATHWAITE: "I middled that one!"

STOKES: "Looking back on it - I'm more experienced now - I would have slowed it down a bit more, as opposed to getting back to my mark and going again. I didn't feel like I composed myself as well as I would do now."

Brathwaite hits his third-straight six, a slight mis-hit, skewed over wide mid-off...

STOKES: "I thought that one was out."

BRATHWAITE: "I thought so too."

STOKES: "I don't know how that went so far? That's out of bounds on the golf course, that one."

West Indies win!

Brathwaite fires a fourth six in a row to see West Indies to a second World T20 win...

BRATHWAITE: "After everything, it was just good to enjoy the embraces.

"I didn't know the last ball went for six, it was only when we took a victory lap that Ashley Nurse told me. I knew it was over the infield and at least four, but didn't know it went for six.

"It was just pure jubilation! It changed my life."